Becoming a BatteryXchange Partner

BatteryXchange delivers a world class mobile charging solution that provides a valuable customer amenity, while increasing dwell time and overall spend. Positively impacting the bottom line.

Let’s talk about what we can do for you

Our Value

Patron Amenity

Provide your visitors with a flexible charging solution for their mobile lifestyle.

Increase Dwell Time

You get them in the door, we provide another reason for them to stay

The Bottom Line

Customers that stay longer spend more.

Our App Increases Your Visibility

When one of our users needs a charge we guide them to your business

Becoming Partners

Planning & Contracts

Our partnership begins with a plan for how best to service your venue with BatteryXchange hardware and services. 

Hardware Setup

Once an agreement has been reached, BatteryXchange will then place physical assets in your venue.

Ongoing Support

As a part of our ongoing partneship, BatteryXchange ensures that all equipment remains in working order and all services are executed properly.

Current Partners