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A Dead Phone Can’t Capture Those Picture Perfect Moments

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How To Use BatteryXchange Charging Packs

See for yourself how easy it is to use one of our mobile battery packs.

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Our User Guide


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I had the best seat at the BYOB conference, but my phone was on 8%. The Keynote Speaker was about to present and I couldn’t find an outlet or a charger. Thanks to BatteryXchange, I was able to enjoy the lecture from my seat while charging my phone with their battery pack.
— Mikayla B.

01 — Download Our App

Go to your Google Play or Apple App store and search “BatteryXchange”. Select download and fill in all the necessary information within the app upon open.

02 — Locate A Kiosk

Once you’ve logged into the app, select kiosk search. The app will locate the nearest kiosk in your area and direct you to it.

03 — Scan and Connect

Once you’ve located a kiosk, simply pull up you Charge & Go code within the app. Hold the code in front of the kiosk and unlock our portable battery pack.

04 — Walk and Charge

Plug the power pack into your mobile phone and #LiveLifeCharged! Once you’ve gotten the juice, don’t forget to return the battery pack to a kiosk that’s most convenient for you.

So happy BatteryXchange was at the St. Patty’s bar crawl, there’s nothing worse than being out bar hopping with a dead phone!
— David C.